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Major law firms such as Eversheds Sutherland, Squire Patton Boggs and Ogletree Deakins, the legal departments of global law firm companies such as Daimler and leading organizations such as The European Central Bank have engaged us to address complex challenges.


Major law firms increasingly recognize that, when it comes to business development, every part of the business has a role to play. In a competitive environment, firms that silo information and expertise will continue to lose out. The MindPeer intelligence platform integrates your marketing, research and practice area functions. Efforts to spot opportunities, generate client alerts and cross-sell are welded into focused and sustained BD initiatives.
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heads of innovation

For global companies, studying the innovation landscape requires a great deal of research. Mind-Alliance makes it easy for executives to monitor topics of interest, request markets, companies and technologies, and spot the most relevant conference events — without repeating studies already undertaken by other parts of the company.

legal departments

We support the digital transformation of processes in legal departments, especially in the areas of research support, knowledge management, and data management. We also provide training workshops that bring stakeholders together so they can jointly analyze their processes and find opportunities to improve them. This facilitates buy-in to changes in processes and systems.


We provide technology and consulting to help organizations monitor risk and develop more valid, complete, and robust crisis response plans.
Our patented technology helps people author tasks that account for the information inputs and outputs that are essential for shared situational awareness and effective crisis-response coordination. Contact us for more information.

Mind-Alliance has the network, skill sets and insight to achieve business objectives with accuracy, confidence and rapidity. The clients were pleased.

Scott D. Bailey - Scott D. Bailey - Director of Research Services, Eversheds Sutherland

Squire Patton Boggs

Case Studies

  • Squire Patton Boggs
  • Ogletree Deakins
  • European Central Bank

the challenge at squire patton boggs

Each year, attorneys and business development staff email thousands of research requests to the Research Services team at Squire Patton Boggs. Since requests are authored in unstructured natural language, it is difficult to categorize them, automatically suggest analytical resources, or see patterns in requests over time and anticipate rather than respond to requests.

the solution

Using a variety of tech-enabled approaches, Mind-Alliance helped the Global Director of Research Services develop a taxonomy of research request types. Analyzing a corpus of research requests surfaced meaningful patterns in the data. These insights are now enabling the department optimize its processes, accelerate research analyst productivity, and increase the utilization of e-resources. The Research Services team is now able to become more proactive and to provide anticipatory intelligence support to business development.
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the challenge at ogletree deakins

Leading labor and employment law firm Ogletree Deakins offers a web application called “O-D Comply” to clients on a subscription basis. O-D Comply addresses employers’ needs for legal updates and compliant forms, letters and documents. The legacy application had a dated user interface and was not addressing the firm’s business objectives.

the solution

Mind-Alliance conducted a thorough analysis of the as-is O-D Comply application. We interviewed users to study their goals, then redesigned the user flows and the user experience of the application. Our design made the application easier to use and supportive of new kinds of subscriptions. It also reduces the time it takes Ogletree Deakins attorneys to update law summaries and template documents.
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the challenge at european central bank

The KM Team in the Directorate General/Legal at the European Central Bank (ECB) receives research requests from attorneys. In response, the KM Team conducts research and produces “KM Notes” that consolidate and deepen legal information about topics of importance to DG/L lawyers. This process needed to be better understood and documented to facilitate improvements.

the solution

Mind-Alliance delivered a knowledge management tutorial on collaborative intelligence -- the synergistic integration of machine and human capabilities -- as a key enabler of an effective knowledge organization. Then Mind-Alliance facilitated an “Idealized Design” exercise about how the KM Note process could work in an ideal world. KM Team members and attorneys asked questions and made suggestions about each part of the KM Note process. This equipped the leadership of the KM Team with insights into immediate improvements they could make to the KM Note process.
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Mind-Alliance Systems helps clients enhance their business development research, knowledge management, and data management capabilities. Mind-Alliance has a 10+ year track record, a strong team with deep domain expertise, and is trusted by global law firms and legal departments. Our executive team collectively has decades of extensive experience in providing strategy consulting, research services, and technology solutions to law firms, legal departments, corporate development & innovation departments, investment banks, governments, and NGOs.

  • Business development research
    analysts on demand
  • Training to enhance business
    development and KM workflows
  • Strategic management
    consulting services
  • Custom software design
    and development
  • Intelligence capability
    assessment services
  • The MindPeer Strategic
    Intelligence Management platform

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