Mind-Alliance designs custom knowledge management and intelligent analytics software solutions for enterprises. Our solutions and consulting help people cope with complexity, derive insights from data, and make better decisions.


Global clients such as Ogletree Deakins, NATO, The World Bank, The Rockefeller Foundation and Raytheon have engaged us to address complex challenges, which are often at the intersection of business, computer science, design and psychology.


Our multidisciplinary consulting team questions assumptions, imagines alternative scenarios, determines what data needs to be analyzed, and designs meaningful solutions. Our user experience design team creates human-computer interfaces and human-information interactions that are simple and effective.


Our MindPeer software platform integrates machine and human intelligence in an interactive loop that enables analysts to efficiently filter and make sense of huge volumes of information.

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning help analysts efficiently find and make sense of information in news stories, social media, and produce custom Intelligence Streams -- personal content feeds for senior executives.


We partner with leading machine learning and analytics technology providers.


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