Mind-Alliance provides strategic consulting services and designs custom knowledge management and research software applications for global professional services firms and corporate enterprises. The strategies and software applications we create give clients a competitive edge through better collection, analysis, and management of data, information and intelligence.




Our multidisciplinary consultants foster collaboration across organizational silos to accelerate innovation and business transformation. Learn more about our proprietary methods, smart software systems, and agile processes. 


Strategy & Knowledge Management Consulting

Craft and implement strategies for improving knowledge management, collaboration, research & information services, data management, and competitive intelligence.

Business Development Intelligence

Assess the capability of law firms to find new business opportunities by monitoring and analyzing  external and internal information.

Library and Research Assessment for Law Firms

Optimize the L&R function, to enable better attorney performance, reduce time spent researching, and enhance attorneys’ understanding of business and risk environments.

Business Research and Intelligence

Utilize actionable information and intelligence for more effective decision making, opportunity discovery, and risk management.

Product and
User Experience Design

Design user-friendly interfaces to deliver delightful web and mobile user experiences and compelling software products and services.

Knowledge Software Systems

Our software development team builds web and mobile knowledge systems using advanced AI, cognitive, and semantic technologies.



Global clients such as Daimler, Ogletree Deakins, NATO, The World Bank, The Rockefeller Foundation and Raytheon have engaged us to address complex challenges. We have delivered valuable intelligence to senior decision makers and designed successful software solutions.




Our MindCollect solutions help clients clearly profile and manage requirements for data, information, and analytic support that employees need for their most important tasks, processes, and decisions.

Our MindPeer software platform help analysts efficiently produce and curate custom Intelligence Streams -- personal content feeds for senior executives -- from thousands of sources.  




We partner with leading machine learning and semantic analytics technology providers.

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