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MindPeer is a research management platform that streamlines the production of bespoke intelligence. Built on decades of experience in business research and knowledge management, MindPeer integrates machine intelligence into the research workflow so analysts can efficiently produce custom news streams about any topic of interest, personal daily briefs, business development opportunity alerts, company profiles, and more.

How MindPeer Works


create an
intel stream

Give the stream a title, enter keywords and named entities, and specify news sources and a timeframe.


content retrieval

MindPeer retrieves relevant news articles from tens of thousands of sources, automatically summarizes the articles, and provide links to the original content.


human curation

MindPeer analysts can regularly create a brief of your stream, and flag the “must read” stories in your stream.


intel briefs

Receive your intel brief in MindPeer, or via email including distribution to your team.

MindPeer Intel Streams

Creating a new Intel Stream is easy. Simply name the stream, select sources and specify the most important keywords related to the stream. You can also provide guidance to the MindPeer Analysts who will curate the stream for you.

Intel Delivery

Intel Delivery

MindPeer is a powerful system for delivering intelligence support to professionals too busy to collect and analyze content on their own.

Dynamic Aperture

Dynamic Aperture

Retrieve news articles from content sources you pick, using the keywords most relevant for each information requirement.

Expert Curation

Expert Curation

Analysts can easily fine-tune monitoring based on relevance ratings of articles, sentiment, publication date, and other factors

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Frequently Asked

What is MindPeer and what does it do?

Our news feeds include stories from thousands of free sources in English. In the coming year, we will offer premium sources, user-selected websites and internal data sources, which we will crawl and integrate with on demand.

What is an Intelligence Stream?

Intelligence Streams are personalized information feeds of news articles. Research analysts curate topic-specific streams for each customer by adding sources, fine-tuning keywords, and tagging content that is later used in reports.

What content sources do you aggregate?

Our news feeds include stories from thousands of free sources in English. In the coming year, we will offer premium sources, user-selected websites and internal data sources, which we will crawl and integrate with on demand.

What makes MindPeer unique and better?

MindPeer will deliver more relevant, actionable and timely intelligence. It will actively helps users dynamically anticipate the information requirements of business decision makers. Our competitive advantage stems from the combination of advanced AI technologies and highly-skilled research analysts.

Will my data be private and safe?

MindPeer safeguards your privacy and will never share or sell your data without your express permission. Our developers and research analysts are bound by confidentiality agreements, and we host MindPeer on the Amazon Cloud.

MindPeer Stats

4025 Hours

Spent by our designers and developers building MindPeer from the ground up over the last two years.

103 Alpha Testers

Currently using MindPeer and providing feedback to help us perfect the user experience.

3000+ Sources

Available from all over the world for you and our analysts to select and add to your Intel Stream.

Custom Product Design

Mind-Alliance leads end-to-end development projects, from Ideation and Requirements Management to Design and Development. We design new software solutions and improve the design and functionality of existing systems. Our software development team has built hundreds of web applications and can harness natural language processing, machine learning, and ontologies.

The Deep Design

We create user experiences that delight the eye and please the brain. An exceptional user experience requires an intuitive interface that engages customers, and a technology platform that delivers crucial data where and when it’s needed.

Our clients think practically and their clients expect perfection. We satisfy both with an approach we call Deep Design that is a faster, cheaper, and more successful way to create an effective user experience – one that is rational and elegant from the back end to the surface.

The Deep Design

Our appoach unfolds in three simple steps designed to accelerate ideation and eliminate extraneous work, misunderstanding and costly mid-course changes

1. We think before we code

We begin by listening to you, defining your requirements, challenging your assumptions, and working together with graphic artists and engineers to take your concept to tangible reality. At this stage we can refine ideas or rethink them with minimal expense.

2. We design the perfect replica

Then we build a hyper-realistic prototype. This is the user experience in every aspect except full live functionality. We let you play and explore and change things on a whim. A simple color change that would cost you time and serious money on a live site is quick and easy work in a prototype.

3. We implement as a team

Collaboration is the key to fast and successful design, validation, testing, soft sounding with customers, iteration and launch, under the guidance of a senior team leader who aggregates all the feedback, and stays true to your original business vision. The end result is a user experience that delivers exceptional business results without a struggle.

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