Covid-19 Knowledge Services

Law firms and corporate legal departments responding to the Covid-19 crisis need a variety of services to make better informed legal and business decisions such as:

  • Can Covid-19 be considered “force majeure” in the context of a commercial contract?
  • Are we obligated to pay for extreme work-arounds to deliver on contractual obligations?
  • Are our labor and employment practices compliant in the current Covid-19 environment?

Access Legal Guidance in One Place, with Advanced Search

The Covid-19 Legal Knowledge Hub is a searchable database of articles, alerts, posts, podcasts, and webinars, from top law firms. Corporate legal departments use the hub to tap into outside counsel thought leadership more efficiently. Law firm partners produce more valuable and unique thought leadership by seeing what their peers have published.
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Mindpeer news

Get Meaningful Articles About Any Covid-19 Topic

Our AI-powered research platform, MindPeer aggregates news articles about any Covid-19-related topic (demo here). We can also aggregate information and build knowledge graphs about government regulations, travel, mobility, courts, and conference events from reliable sources and embed content in your intranets and client extranets.
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Manage the Crisis with Collaboration Plans

Sharing information effectively is key to remote working, crisis management, cybersecurity, and business continuity. Mind-Alliance develops collaboration plans and Emergency Operations Center procedures using our patented method. The checklists we produce clarify the information that people need to receive and send when executing tasks and making decisions.
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