Process Improvement

We use patented methods built around MindPeer workflows. And we provide consulting services to assess your as-is intelligence and data management capabilities, model your ideal processes, and improve business development, research and knowledge management collaboration.

Using proprietary methodologies, technologies, and analytical frameworks, our consultants diagnose issues and prioritize critical improvements. To design successful solutions, we consider strategy, business processes, a 360 degree view of your process context, human capabilities, and system design. Mind-Alliance finds practical ways to integrate intelligence into decision-making, streamline knowledge-intensive processes, and build more effective collaboration.

strategic consulting

Aligning processes with people and data through optimized systems, solutions, and workflows.
Most business leaders recognize the strategic imperative of integrating data-analytics into decision making. However, data analytics technology alone is insufficient. Firms need robust processes, effective training, and a culture that values good judgment.

Clients turn to Mind-Alliance to gain a sustainable strategic intelligence advantage. Mind-Alliance consultants have supported world-class organizations including Ogletree Deakins, Squire Patton Boggs, the World Bank, NATO, and the Rockefeller Foundation.

  • Identify key issues, opportunities, and risks associated with knowledge management
  • Explore the potential of AI-powered knowledge systems and research processes
  • Develop methods and deliver training that strengthens research skills and business decision-making

Business Development Intelligence Assessment

Business Development (BD) Intelligence is knowledge about business opportunities, prospective clients’ legal needs, and the regulatory environment that helps law firms win new business and expand existing client relationships. Leading law firms have come to realize the strategic importance of opportunity spotting and BD intelligence in today’s competitive market for legal services. Producing BD intelligence efficiently is challenging because it involves coordinating various departments and numerous technology-enabled processes.
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  • Rapidly assess current BD intelligence management capabilities and identify critical gaps.
  • Help BD Directors and Practice Group Chairs develop a BD Intelligence Strategy
  • Improve BD research processes and toolsets so you can detect opportunities earlier and win more clients

Knowledge Management Strategy Assessment

Are your employee’s decisions based on the best data, the full breadth of institutional knowledge, and the smartest experts? Are your people collaborating effectively across organizational silos?

We improve mission-critical business processes by providing software solutions and training that transform organizations into a smarter human networks. These solutions help your organization efficiently leverage data, information, and knowledge as strategic resources for better performance.

Our process starts with identifying your business objectives and the processes needed to accomplish them.

Mind-Alliance uses proprietary and patented methods to model information flows between business units, processes, roles, tasks, and decisions. Mapping the flow (and blockages of information) can help ensure that the right information gets to the right people at the right time, enhancing productivity and decision-making.

We then generate reports that clearly indicate which information and knowledge-related issues are most problematic. This high-fidelity understanding forms the basis for more effective strategies, policies, IT systems, and learning.

After helping you build a data-informed strategy, we develop knowledge management solutions that accelerate the flow of information across the organization. Employees will be delighted as these solutions make finding information and expertise easier.
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Library & Research Assessment

Strategically maximize the value of the Library and Research function.
Library, research and knowledge services teams play a critical role in law firm business success. Library and research functions can benefit from periodically stepping back and systematically evaluating how well they support the law firm’s business priorities. That way, they can provide higher-quality services to attorneys, marketing departments, and clients. They can also identify attractive business growth opportunities for their firms.

Assess Processes, Capabilities, and Context
Mind-Alliance applies a rigorous framework to analyzing the capabilities–people, process, technology, and data–involved in key library and research activities.

We highlight opportunities to improve activities such as:

– Research support and current awareness monitoring
– Utilizing subscription information products and services
– Locating subject matter experts who can serve as expert witnesses
– Training new associates and staff on research methods and systems

We can evaluate how other functions in the firm are impeding or supporting core activities, and whether talent mismatches or capacity shortages are problems.

Make Improvements Based on Data
Systematically collecting and analyzing this data provides a solid basis for a strategic plan to improve the capabilities needed to maximize the value provided to the firm.

  • Help attorneys maintain current awareness about industries, and client and prospect business and risk environments
  • Reduce the time attorneys spend looking for and consuming information
  • Proactively support marketing and business development efforts