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David Kamien |

The next generation of law firm marketing and BD applications will be powered by knowledge graphs (KGs), which enable law firms to more efficiently integrate data and quickly deliver important insights to the right people. Currently, standard online searches.
The Geek in Review: Using Data to Really Know Your Clients and Predict Their Needs

David Kamien |

David Kamien is the CEO of Mind Alliance and is someone who understands that in order to truly collaborate with your clients, you have to understand their needs on a granular level. That means capturing the data in a way that proactively predicts legal and regulatory risks that companies like them are likely to face, but also list the probable impact that those risks are likely to impact them specifically.
In Seclusion: We Need Better Shared Situational Awareness Between Law Firms and Clients

David Kamien |

Work From Home (WFH) is the new default for the legal industry. Host Greg Lambert talks with a wide range of legal professionals who share their stories on this new work model. 3 Ways to Achieve Better 'Shared Situational Understanding" for the Pandemic and Beyond

David Kamien |

“Shared situational awareness and understanding” are military and intelligence concepts, where forces planning and executing missions need a “common operational picture.” Lawyers advising clients should similarly transform awareness of the COVID-19 situation into shared understanding.
Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast: Pandemic-Era Law Firm Marketing: Why Now Is the Perfect Time for Innovation

David Kamien |

In this episode of the Legal Marketing 2.0 podcast, Guy Alvarez discusses how law firms can treat the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to innovate their business development and marketing practices with guest David Kamien.

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