Library & Research Assessment

Strategically maximize the value of the Library and Research (L&R) function to the firm.

Library and Research functions in major law firms can benefit from periodically stepping back and systematically evaluating how well they support the law firm’s business priorities. By doing so, L&R functions can play a more meaningful role in providing the highest quality professional service and value to clients, and identifying business growth opportunities for their firm.

Assessing Processes, Capabilities, and Context

Mind-Alliance applies a rigorous framework to analyzing the capabilities--people, process, technology, and data--involved in key L&R processes and activities. We study each L&R activity and process and highlight opportunities for improvement, such as:

- Providing research and current awareness monitoring support
- Utilizing paid subscription information products and services
- Locating subject matter experts who can serve as expert witnesses
- Training new associates and staff on research methods and systems

We can evaluate how other functions in the firm are impeding or supporting each critical activity, and whether talent mismatches or capacity shortages are impacting value delivery.

Improvements Based on Data

Systematically collecting and analyzing this data provides L&R leadership with a solid basis for developing a strategic plan to increase the value of the services provided to the firm.

The actionable insights provided in this engagement accelerate process improvement, and enable L&R functions to:

- Help attorneys build and maintain a knowledge edge
- Reduce the time attorneys spend looking for information and maintaining current awareness
- Increase attorney understanding of a client's business and risk environment


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Mind-Alliance helped the Rockefeller Foundation create a robust KM Strategy and a clear pathway to KM maturity.

- Scott Leeb, Managing Director of Knowledge Management, The Rockefeller Foundation