User Experience Design

We create user experiences for customers of global brands that delight the eye and please the brain.

An exceptional user experience is two things – an intuitive interface that engages customers, and a precise technical platform that converts sales while capturing, sorting and delivering crucial data where and when it’s needed.

We know there is a chasm separating designers and engineers. They don’t speak the same language, they don’t listen to the same music, they don’t get each other’s jokes. Translating your ideas to a moody artist or a cold-blooded engineer is a challenge we’ve mastered. We’re nerds who appreciate beauty. We’re creators who see divinity in details. We’re practical perfectionists.

The Deep Design Process

Our clients think practically while their customers expect perfection. We satisfy both with an approach we call Deep Design that is a faster, cheaper, and more successful way to create an effective user experience – one that is rational and elegant from the back end to the surface.

Our approach unfolds in three simple steps designed to accelerate ideation and eliminate extraneous work, misunderstanding, and costly mid-course changes:

1) We Think Before We Code

We begin by listening to you, defining your requirements, challenging your assumptions, and working together with graphic artists and engineers to take your concept to tangible reality.  At this stage we can refine ideas or rethink them with minimal expense

2) We Design the Perfect Replica

Then we build a hyper-realistic prototype. This is the user experience in every aspect except full live functionality.  We let you play and explore and change things on a whim.  A simple color change that would cost you time and serious money on a live site is quick and easy work in a prototype.  

3) We Implement as a Team

Collaboration is the key to fast and successful design, validation, testing, soft sounding with customers, iteration and launch, under the guidance of a senior team leader who aggregates all the feedback, and stays true to your original business vision.

The end result is a user experience that delivers exceptional business results without a struggle.