Actionable intelligence: a rare commodity 

How will you get the insights you need to drive successful business strategies?

Actionable intelligence is vital for effective decision making, opportunity discovery, and risk management. Yet, creating unbiased, timely, high-quality, and analytically rigorous research products and services in-house is expensive and time-consuming.

Custom, Cost-Effective Intelligence

Mind-Alliance’s global research network can deliver bespoke knowledge products customized to your unique challenges. We can provide the intelligence you need to succeed, faster and more reliably than other service providers by leveraging our network of specialized experts, advanced analytics, unique knowledge resources, and mature processes.

Our Intelligence Production Process
We begin by understanding your business objectives and current priorities, and identifying key questions and information requirements for each strategic priority, decision, goal, and stakeholder. We gather and analyze relevant information using a broad variety of sources and methods to surface unique and critical insights.  

Information Products and Research Services

We tailor our research and intelligence services and delivery models to suit each client’s unique needs. Deliverables we can provide include:

  • Profiles of people and companies to support sales, marketing, due diligence, M&A, competitive intelligence, and strategic planning 
  • Competitive intelligence, including analysis of each competitor’s web presence and product literature
  • Monitoring news and social media and building databases of journalists covering your market and competitors
  • Daily quick-read executive briefings about specified topics, industries, or markets to inform product development, strategic planning, marketing, and sales
  • Datasets including lists of relevant conferences, subject matter experts, and patents

Mind-Alliance helped the Rockefeller Foundation create a robust KM Strategy and a clear pathway to KM maturity.

- Scott Leeb, Managing Director of Knowledge Management, The Rockefeller Foundation