Can your professional services firm detect the earliest indicators of business opportunities?

Law firms that can spot prospective clients in need of counsel and present relevant expertise are best-positioned to win new business.

Mind-Alliance has developed an effective analytical framework for assessing the capabilities of law firms to find new business opportunities by monitoring news, press release, SEC filings, social media, and other sources.

Diagnostic Assessment of your BUSINESS Intelligence Capabilities

Getting the Lay of the Land

We begin our diagnostic assessment of the current marketing intelligence monitoring capabilities by interviewing relevant attorneys and support staff in areas such as Client/Business Development, Marketing, Knowledge Management, Library & Research. We gather information about the firm's monitoring capabilities -- people, process, technology, data -- and assess the effectiveness of collaboration across the firm's various departments. 

IT Reconnaissance

Our diagnostic assessment includes an analysis of the IT systems currently used for aggregating, searching, and monitoring content sources and identifying the key indicators of business opportunity.

We evaluate the sources monitored, the search terms used, the degree of noise in the search results with the current technology, the use of labor-saving automation to do things like deduplicate similar news articles and information.

How are Insights Integrated?

We examine the alerts delivered to attorneys and Practice Area Team leads and evaluate the quality of the follow-up coordination and lead management in the broader business development context.

Improvements Based on Data

We deliver our Business Development Intelligence Capability Assessment report and then conduct a workshop to discuss how to improve the firm's capability to monitor for indications of potential new cases and client work.

Marketing Intelligence Monitoring Whitepaper for Law Firms

This whitepaper overviews the key requirements of an effective monitoring capability. Download the whitepaper to learn how cutting edge technology can help your firm spot new business opportunities and inform attorneys about important developments in their clients’ business environments.

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Mind-Alliance helped the Rockefeller Foundation create a robust KM Strategy and a clear pathway to KM maturity.

- Scott Leeb, Managing Director of Knowledge Management, The Rockefeller Foundation